Are We There Yet?

Race across the highway to quickly reach a restroom for your children. Reach the next service station, causing as few traffic accidents as possible. 

If you fail, your car's carpet will be ruined!


PC: Arrow Keys or A & D
Mobile: Tap on left or right half of the screen

Want more?

In the near future, I want to release full Android Games. If you want to keep updated, you can follow me on twitter!

Install instructions


You can play the game directly in the browser! Tested on a Windows PC. You can also download the game (AWTY_PC). Unzip the file and then launch AWTY_Windows.exe


The .apk can simply be downloaded to your android phone and then installed. You may need to enable 'unknown sources' under your security settings first.

If it still doesn't work, you might have to disable 'Google Play Protect' .


AreWeThereYet.apk 22 MB
Download 12 MB


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I broke your game XD


I barely beat hardmode.  You have to execute everything almost perfectly.  I had 1 second left and I only crashed once.


nope sorry this is what happens

Wow I've seen a lot of bad traffic in this game but never ever someone who managed to block all lanes at the same time.No offense, but I think it is funny you managed to do that.
Still sorry you didn't seem to enjoy the game.


no its actually pretty fun to do this

Then I am glad we think the same way! :


this is what happens when you play this game 


I finally won on hard difficulty! 😂

Yeah, I've seen multiple people struggle a lot with the hard difficulty - Having 3 seconds left is actually very good!


Thanks! Great job on the game, by the way. :)

Thank you very much - glad you liked it! :)

Deleted post

Oh man I'm very sorry to hear that. Sounds messy - I guess the carpet is ruined anyway

so close mannn


when i thjought it wouldnt get closer

Oh wow, that is extremely unlucky - but also kinda funny


And then, on top of that, we have people in front of us that are going like 40 mph on the highway! So that doesn't make it any better xD!

Yeah, children are not the only thing that can be really annoying on a highway. But as long as no one behaves like the player in Are We There Yet, it's okay I think :)

(1 edit) (+1)

That's what I do "Are we there yet " on road trips, and my parents probably just want to do that stuff too, to make me stop complaining! xD

I hope they can resist that urge!

Deleted 1 year ago

Hey, I'm doing alright. Actually I will do a gamejam this weekend with a few friends and may upload the result to this account. Recently started a small project which should be on itch this year. Thank you for asking :)


Great controls. Runs lovely too.


I feel like this would be me as a dad. Loved it.

Maybe it would be safer for everyone if you don't have children. Maybe consider getting a dog? I'm glad you like the game - it was fun watching you play!


This game is so simple but so much fun :D


You're welcome! Thank you for making an enjoyable video out of it :)




This game was so much fun! Very simple gameplay but a lot of fun and the harder levels get very challenging! Great work! :)

Thank you, glad you like it! :)  You did a great job despite the difficulty.

Are we there yet? More like "When will we get out of the lake?"

What lake are you talking about?

The lake of ROM hacks.

Is this an thing? Sorry, I don't get it

No, a personal joke.


that was so fun!


Haha this is awesome, great concept and well executed 

Glad you like it! Thank you :)


Fun little game! Wish there was an actual service station at the end but over all had fun playing! Any plans for the future?

There was a lot more planned for the game once - like actual service stations. They would empty your children's bladders but of course they refill quickly so it would be an endless highscore game.

Since I am busy learning how to use the  Unreal Engine, I don't have much time to work on this game. Since it got such a nice reception however, I'll think about improving it!


That does sound pretty cool and I understand that it's hard to create when you are still learning the tools. I still think it is impressive and hope that you will continue to hone your craft and I look forward to seeing what you will bring in the future! :) Best of luck!!

In half a year I wil be a certified Game Designer and want to work professionally and privately on games. It's really motivating to read kind words like yours. Thanks :)


The walls are magnetic


Oh my god! Right!?


The walls are possessed with the spirits of everyone you've killed. They try bring you to a stop.  Perhaps I should nerf the spirits.


yeah it bugs me so much cause i get a bunch of cars i cant avoid and they cause me to veer into the wall i just have to sit at a complete stop for like 5 or six seconds and it always screws my run


hey, that was pretty fun! I like the feel of how the van handles! Keep up the good work!!


Some don't really like that the van is a bit slow to react,  so I'm glad you like the controls! 


Cool game! It is very funny (and difficult. Everytime i win, I have negative points 🙁 )!

The scoring is actually really harsh. If I continue working on the game it will be the first thing to be changed, I think.

Glad you like the game anyway! :D


We had an absolute blast playing this!!   We had even more fun before we started recording!!   As others have said tho, it would be neat if there were bonus points for driving in oncoming traffic.   

(1 edit)

The gameplay was made half a year ago, but as far as I remember I should be able to increase traffic on all right lanes. Do you think that would be a good idea to motivate the player to drive into incoming traffic?

And I'm really glad you like the game! :D

Honestly, we aren't sure if that would incentivize players to head into oncoming traffic, we just did it to beat the traffic that was in our way already...  So perhaps it would give the player incentive to head into oncoming traffic o.O


Oh, you mean it would force the player to head into oncoming traffic but would not reward him for it?

If the player gets points for it, it would give the game a bit of a strategical aspect. So I do like the idea.


Really fun! graphics could be better, but I found myself playing this longer than I expected.

Might I suggest using unlit shaders to give a more cartoony look?

Thank you. I'm definitely more of a programmer, than a designer.

Your idea to use a different shader sound like a good idea! Maybe that would give the game more character :)


Really fun game!

Glad you like it! :)


I thoroughly enjoyed this game and I even decided to do different voices for the game too! Primarily Arnold Schwarzenegger!

This game was really fun to play and I thought the physics in particular (like when the vehicles you crash into random fly off the map too. I love little games like this!

Thank you very much for the nice review Cry0! Sometime I prefer crashing intentionally over actually playing the game  :D


You're so welcome! It was a blast for sure! I loved crashing into the cars personally haha.


Nice little game! There should be bonus score for going through opposing traffic though :P

Thank you! Good idea, that may be a nice 'incentive' for players to play more risky :)